Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas . . . and running!!!

Christmas was AMAZING!!! Good time spent with my incredible family.

I got a ton of amazing Christmas presents, my grand mother got me this awesome watch : ) 
And seriously I would be the only person excited about this but I got a 2 terabit external hard drive. . . that is 400,000 songs!!!!! woohoo I will actually be able to use my computer b/c I can take off the 32 gb of music and some 5,000 pictures! 
Ryan got me this amazing tiffany's neckless! it matches my "I love you" ring that he got me last year, he is truly amazing! 

Our Christmas tree with all the pretty presents : ) 

We had a lovely Christmas dinner, very yummy but oh so unhealthy  . . . Good thing I am back in Portland and I am getting back into my workout routine. I hate when you have been away the first day back is always so hard, and its especially hard to put down all the chocolate I got for Christmas, I will prevail I swear! 

Yesterday was my first run in my training for my 10k and the first time i wore my new asics running shoes. It was an easy run, I just did 1.5 miles. 1 mile at a 7.0 speed then slowed down to 5.5 speed. I cooled down for about 10 mins and then did some TRX. My shoes were great, I could really feel the difference with the gel in the sole : ) I think these will be great shoes! 

haha so dont mind my messy room, I was trying to pack before my workout, moving is such a drag! 

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