Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

It is Tuesday! I am going to try something new that I saw on The Hungry Runner Girl she is amazing and I love reading her blog everyday!!

First tangent, feeding my apple addiction.
I have the most amazing boyfriend who got me the white, yes WHITE Iphone!! It adds to my collection of Apple products I got my amazing ipad for my birthday. It is amazing and I love using it for school ( I am going to do a review on it in a later post) it is so much easier to carry around than my big clunky Macbook Pro!  The iphone adds to my collection of ipod touch and ipod nano. I decided to give Ryan my ipod touch because he doesn't have an ipod. I am sure I will still use my nano all the time, i like it because it clips onto my workout clothes and I dont have to  worry about it. Thanks baby you are amazing!!!

Second Tangent, I am obsessed with Mashup music and I recently found a bunch of great Mashup artist. First The White Panda  go to there website you can download their album for free, its great I love working out to mashups because it is so energetic and fun! Also check out Milkman he just released his new album which is also free to download.

Third Tangent, BEACH okay not sure it is a real beach, not like the kind of beach I am used to from Hawaii but it was still sandy and there was water! Ryan and I took the dogs out to Lucky Peak, we found this great little spot on the side of the road to ourselves. We let the dogs off and let them run! Oliver had his first experience with water, he was in LOVE!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing night, I am off to finish my Art History homework!!