Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas . . . and running!!!

Christmas was AMAZING!!! Good time spent with my incredible family.

I got a ton of amazing Christmas presents, my grand mother got me this awesome watch : ) 
And seriously I would be the only person excited about this but I got a 2 terabit external hard drive. . . that is 400,000 songs!!!!! woohoo I will actually be able to use my computer b/c I can take off the 32 gb of music and some 5,000 pictures! 
Ryan got me this amazing tiffany's neckless! it matches my "I love you" ring that he got me last year, he is truly amazing! 

Our Christmas tree with all the pretty presents : ) 

We had a lovely Christmas dinner, very yummy but oh so unhealthy  . . . Good thing I am back in Portland and I am getting back into my workout routine. I hate when you have been away the first day back is always so hard, and its especially hard to put down all the chocolate I got for Christmas, I will prevail I swear! 

Yesterday was my first run in my training for my 10k and the first time i wore my new asics running shoes. It was an easy run, I just did 1.5 miles. 1 mile at a 7.0 speed then slowed down to 5.5 speed. I cooled down for about 10 mins and then did some TRX. My shoes were great, I could really feel the difference with the gel in the sole : ) I think these will be great shoes! 

haha so dont mind my messy room, I was trying to pack before my workout, moving is such a drag! 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!! YAY I can't wait to get up at 5:30 with Jette to open our "Santa" presents, and for Ryan to open his presents. I really think he will love his presents this year . . .wooohooo I tried really hard to get everyone good presents!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite things of 2010

Since the year is coming to an end, I thought I would sum up some of my favorite memories, activities and things of this year!

1. Finishing my first 5k. . . wooohooo.
This had been on my to do list for a long long time and this year I finally completed it!!! There is nothing better than completing one of your goals : )

Here we are closing in on the finish line!!!

And all sweaty and gross after we finished in a time of 30 minutes : )

2. Discovering Hot Yoga. I am totally addicted to it. . . It really is the BEST thing ever!!!! I love both Bikram and Hot Vinyasa but since my practice is progressing Vinyasa has added challenges!!! I just love the feeling of final Savasana. The heat is a bit intimidating at first but you would be surprised how quickly you get adjusted to it, or maybe its just me and that I love hot warm weather I did live in Hawaii and loved it!

3. My 23rd Birthday!!! It was an amazing night out with my friends and Jette. One of those nights that is "the best night ever" it really was, no one was to drunk and nothing bad happened!!!

4. Lululemon!!! Literally the BEST workout clothes on the earth. They are really expensive but considering that I have been doing hot yoga which involves a lot of sweat (Like getting in the shower with your clothes on wet lol) I need something that washes well, wicks away the sweat while in yoga and looks cute. I am also obsessed with their running clothes. 
5. Scrabble! Yup I know I am lame but Scrabble with friend on facebook is the shit lol!!! You can challenge any of your facebook friends to a game. It makes it really fun and interesting, you can play with anyone anywhere. 

6. Christmas!!!! Yes this is probably one of my favorite things of every year but its just such a good holiday!!! You get to spend time with family, wrap presents, Starbucks in red cups lol . . . . It is such a pretty holiday I am such a fanatic about wrapping presents and decorating! 

Friday, December 17, 2010


So I have decided that my new goal for the New Year is to run a 10k! I am not making a New Years resolution this year. I am just adding on to my goals. I achieved my goal of running a 5k in 30 minutes. I was so proud that Jette and I finished and did so in such good time. I have been running a lot lately, for me its such a calming and freeing experience. I love to go out in the fresh air and run in the city it really gives me some good quality personal time to think and just be outdoors!

I know that a 10k will be a large challenge, the longest I have run in on session was 5 miles and that was tough but I am on an 8 week training schedule so I feel that if I put in the hard work I can do it!!

Lazy posting . . .

I have been so bad about posting stuff lately, I have been very busy working and trying to Christmas shop. A lot has gone on recently! Ryan and I picked out our puppy last weekend!!! We spend about 3 hours at Jewels playing with the 3 blue merle males. It was a pretty easy decision in the end. I ended up getting the middle of the road puppy not the really hyper one but not the calm cuddly one (who didn't seem to like me very much, every time i picked him up he tried to get down) The one I choose seemed to really like me, he just laid in my arms and gave me kisses!!! We will be able to pick him up on January 7th!!!

Now we have the daunting task of finding a name for him. So far the names I really like are Sparrow or Merlin, this will be his call name and we also have to come up with his actual registration name. I am like Ragtime where's the Rum "Sparrow" or Ragtime makes that magic "Merlin". It is so hard to come up with a name!!!!! I want something that's original and unique.

Here is puppy at 4 weeks and 3 days. Jewel has been so great at taking pictures and putting them on facebook!! I really can't wait to bring him home and introduce him to the family. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Boise, Idaho

Last weekend I had the most amazing weekend!! Ryan and I spent the weekend with his family in Boise. When we arrived it was an actual winter wonderland : ) 
We also got the chance to go to the Boise State football game. It was senior day, they won and they were awarded the WAC Championship so it was a great game all around lol! At the beginning of the game it was snowing . . . I was a little frozen popsicle. I thought I would be warm enough in my leggings with my Lululemon outward bound pants . . .boy was I wrong. My top half was warm my North Face was great but my ugg's even started to leak and my feet froze, despite all that I had a great time at the game, we were on the 50 yard line : )