Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite things of 2010

Since the year is coming to an end, I thought I would sum up some of my favorite memories, activities and things of this year!

1. Finishing my first 5k. . . wooohooo.
This had been on my to do list for a long long time and this year I finally completed it!!! There is nothing better than completing one of your goals : )

Here we are closing in on the finish line!!!

And all sweaty and gross after we finished in a time of 30 minutes : )

2. Discovering Hot Yoga. I am totally addicted to it. . . It really is the BEST thing ever!!!! I love both Bikram and Hot Vinyasa but since my practice is progressing Vinyasa has added challenges!!! I just love the feeling of final Savasana. The heat is a bit intimidating at first but you would be surprised how quickly you get adjusted to it, or maybe its just me and that I love hot warm weather I did live in Hawaii and loved it!

3. My 23rd Birthday!!! It was an amazing night out with my friends and Jette. One of those nights that is "the best night ever" it really was, no one was to drunk and nothing bad happened!!!

4. Lululemon!!! Literally the BEST workout clothes on the earth. They are really expensive but considering that I have been doing hot yoga which involves a lot of sweat (Like getting in the shower with your clothes on wet lol) I need something that washes well, wicks away the sweat while in yoga and looks cute. I am also obsessed with their running clothes. 
5. Scrabble! Yup I know I am lame but Scrabble with friend on facebook is the shit lol!!! You can challenge any of your facebook friends to a game. It makes it really fun and interesting, you can play with anyone anywhere. 

6. Christmas!!!! Yes this is probably one of my favorite things of every year but its just such a good holiday!!! You get to spend time with family, wrap presents, Starbucks in red cups lol . . . . It is such a pretty holiday I am such a fanatic about wrapping presents and decorating! 

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