Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hot date with Ben . . ..

I am all alone tonight : ( and for the next two weeks while Ryan is in Portland!!! Literally dont know what to do, we have never been apart this long. Im sure it wont be that bad and it will go by fast i just sucks. Anywayssssss I got all my homework done and did my workout which consisted of doing 3 sets of 25 lunges and pushups, 200 crunches, 100 bicycle crunches, 2 1:00 minute planks, and some free weights. I also took the puppy for a 30 min walk ( I know totally wimpy but hey he is only 10 weeks old he was tired after)  It was icy out so I couldn't drive to the gym so I did this all at home!

Now I am watching Bones episodes and eating Ben and Jerry's for my hot saturday night date boohoo but I love Bones, such a good show!!
No judging I totally had an amazing salad for dinner!
It was delicious I even fried an egg for on top!!! I really love having a huge salad for dinner vegetables really are my favorite food, you always feel so much better after! 

Guilty Pleasures

Okay I am supposed to be doing homework today . . . I have been since 12 so I "deserve" a break. Right? lol! Well I decided I needed to laugh and Jersey shore has returned and I need to catch up on episodes, it also got me thinking about guilty pleasures!!

1. Watching trashy junk TV! I am not a huge TV watcher but I do love me some trashy tv. Jersey Shore is by far the trashiest show on but its just so freaking funny!!!! How can you not love to watch guido's and guidettes running around partying!!!! I also love the Kardashian's very trashy but oh so enjoyable! Normally I watch these show's on the treadmill or elliptical but since moving I no longer have a treadmill with a tv! 

2. Eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon, also eating cottage cheese out of the container! I know its gross lol!

3. Spending all day in my pj's. I LOVE days that I don't get out of my pj's its usually a sunday and I spend it watching chick flicks!

4. Starbucks, It's totally a waste of money but I love my 20 oz of goodness and a piece of lemon pound cake!

I really should get back to doing my homework. . . . .

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad bad bad blogger . . .

Okay I have been the worst blogger ever, it's been 3 weeks since my last post!! Its not an excuse but I was moving and starting school again. . . lets just say its been a little chaotic in my new house! This will be a very long post!!

Moving day, well I can say that was the worst day of my life. I am generally a very happy person who tries not to complain to much BUT I almost died twice on the drive from Portland to Boise. I have never been so scared or broken down so many times in one day. I only have god to thank for not killing my friend, my animals and all of my stuff. Driving on black ice is the scariest thing, of course I manage to hit a patch of black ice and spin the car around . . . I mean at one point we were going the wrong direction on the freeway . . . .Very very scary!!! After a good cry we got back on the road with no more surprises!!!

I LOVE our new home in Boise, its the cutest little house. I really need to get some pictures and put them on here! I will do that today after school!! My mom and Brandon helped us move to Boise!!! I was so excited b/c I love getting to spend time with my mom, she is AMAZING!! She helped get us unpacked and even took me to Costco to stock up on cleaning supplies and a few food items!!!

Also we have named puppy!!!! His name is Oliver or Ollie. He is the greatest little ball of joy!! He is very squishy and cuddly, he does like to put everything in his mouth but besides that he is doing great at home. He is doing very very well with potty training : )

I also have a job interview at Lunatic Fringe Hair salon tomorrow . . . so exciting I would love to work at another salon (free hair cuts and products!!!) It would be a great job for me while I am in school and studying for the LSAT (oh how I hate even typing the words) haha I really can't wait until I am in Law School : ) 

I really need to take more pictures so I can post some more stuff! But I am now going to go for a run with Ryan : )