About Me

I am a 23 year old happy go lucky girl from Gig Harbor. I have a passion for travel and adventure, I love to move and explore new places. I spent the first 18 years of my life in the same house in Gig Harbor, I am so thankful for that but I have always had the itch to travel and spread my wings. I graduated high school and booked it to the first warm and sunny location that came to mind . . . HAWAII! I explored and attended University of Hawaii, then time to move . . . Portland, OR I have been here 2 years and lets just say its not the place for me. January will bring my third move, Boise Idaho!!

I love . . . .  doing yoga, running, going out with my girl friends

reading, studying (yes i love to learn) driving my bmw (it's a convertible how could i not love driving it around lol)

 dancing, wakeboarding or wakesurfing,

and looking out my window that looks out to the Pearl district.

This blog will follow my adventure I embark on, and a lot of posts about my pets and shopping.

I have a passion for photography, shopping, reading, travel and music. I am a huge music lover I have about 32 GB of music on my computer. I also love all things apple.