Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hot date with Ben . . ..

I am all alone tonight : ( and for the next two weeks while Ryan is in Portland!!! Literally dont know what to do, we have never been apart this long. Im sure it wont be that bad and it will go by fast i just sucks. Anywayssssss I got all my homework done and did my workout which consisted of doing 3 sets of 25 lunges and pushups, 200 crunches, 100 bicycle crunches, 2 1:00 minute planks, and some free weights. I also took the puppy for a 30 min walk ( I know totally wimpy but hey he is only 10 weeks old he was tired after)  It was icy out so I couldn't drive to the gym so I did this all at home!

Now I am watching Bones episodes and eating Ben and Jerry's for my hot saturday night date boohoo but I love Bones, such a good show!!
No judging I totally had an amazing salad for dinner!
It was delicious I even fried an egg for on top!!! I really love having a huge salad for dinner vegetables really are my favorite food, you always feel so much better after! 

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  1. DON'T GET LONELY!!! Oh, the computer and ice cream sounds like heaven for me! I LOVE fried eggs!