Sunday, July 3, 2011


So Ryan and I decided while we were in Washington for my sisters graduation from UW we would head down to portland to see our friends and do some shopping!!! 

The drive was actually really quick we did it in record time! 2:15 minutes!!! It was so great to drive over the 405 bridge and see our old building. I miss our view and old condo so much I really hope we move back to portland : ) 

My main goal in Portland was to see my friends, go out to dirty and go shopping! It was an amazing trip I got to have sushi with my two adorable preggo friend techno s!!! I am so excited for both of them!!! 

Ryan and I went to Dirty with all of his friends and it was a blast! We danced to in the spin room all night, and Ryan actually danced with me which is amazing!!! 

The best part of the trip was the shopping I found some great deals!! I got a pair of Sevens for an amazing deal! $109 instead of $170

All in all it was an amazing trip to Portland and I cant wait to go back in August! 

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